Corporate / Commercial Laws

Al Dhaheri International’s commercial practice covers every aspect of corporate and commercial law. Our lawyers have successfully handled commercial cases in Dubai and across the UAE on behalf of local and international companies encompassing a broad range of issues arising in the corporate environment.

Our lawyers understand that in a fast paced and aggressive business world, corporate issues must be handled with sensitivity & tact. With our proficient lawyers & dedication to your legal concerns. Our services do not only end after preparing the contract. Beside documentation, we also guide clients & multinational companies on how to move forward in establishing their business in the UAE & other countries with the help of our International Partners. We also work closely with clients to understand the nature of their business & the industry sector they operate to provide legal assistance on the business perspective.

As part of our corporate and commercial practice, our lawyers in Dubai render the following services:

  • Range of matters relating to setting up business operations in the region.
  • Legal ramifications of the peripheral issues & procedures for registering companies.
  • Assist corporate & individual clients in their business registration requirements, daily corporate management, & law compliance.
  • Contract preparation/review & management, taking into consideration that its terms and stipulations are in compliance with the laws of particular jurisdiction.
  • Negotiate/draft corporate & commercial agreements of all kinds including joint venture & partnership arrangements, shareholders, privatizations, standard terms & conditions of business practice, agency distribution & franchising agreements, outsourcing arrangements, counter-trade & barter arrangements, commodity dealings, supply, distribution & sales of goods agreements, consumer protection, competition & trademark agreements.
  • Debt Collection – Our firm renders legal services pertaining to bad debt recovery and accounts receivable collections for individuals, companies & establishments that operate in the U.A.E & abroad with the help of our International Partners may it be arising from contracts and/or voluntary undertaking between the parties.
  • Review, arrange, prepare & issue various documents such as but not limited to Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Resolution & Power of Attorney, Share Certificate, Lease Contract, Memorandum of Understanding, and Employment Contracts.
  • Our lawyers in Dubai of act as legal counsel in construction disputes & represent various clients either in their capacity as owner/employer or contractor/sub-contractor.

Military Reviews / Disputes

This area of practice consists of vast range of rules, regulations and legislation and the same deals with the codes of conduct followed by all military personnel, peace keeping missions and international conflicts to name a few. As a professional firm, we have lawyers in Dubai who have a vast experience in the military field, gaining comprehensive military knowledge. As such some of our lawyers in Dubai have represented contractors and agents with Military contractual disputes in and around the region.

Local & International Transportation Laws

Transportation or Transport Laws encompasses federal and state laws governing the conveyance of passengers or goods, especially as a commercial enterprise, pertaining to both the method and the means. It includes highways, mass transit, aviation, rail, maritime and motor carriers. It also covers traffic safety, hazardous materials and pipelines. Public carriers such as airlines and shipping lines are also subject to state and federal legislation.

With rising population in UAE and major developments in transport and traffic facilities, our team in Dubai is composed of competent lawyers who have vast knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of transportation laws and caters in handling disputes pertaining to it.

Employment Disputes

  • Employment is somehow considered as a personal property & a valuable asset to anyone. Thus, providing the fair legal advice & efficient service has been our objective in handling labour cases. We specialize in all fields of cases involving employment & labour law & our services include:
  • Employment contract preparation & interpretation.
  • Disputes involving infringement of employer & employee’s rights provided by the labour law. Wage, salary & overtime issues.
  • Dismissal & suspension of employees.
  • Allegation of wrongful termination.
  • Employment policies / employees workplace policies.
  • Employment Discrimination.

Criminal Laws

Our lawyers in Dubai provide aggressive & experienced representation & put our best foot forward in defending persons accused of a felony or with misdemeanor conviction on their record.

  • We represent clients accused of federal crimes & criminal offenses in the U.A.E.
  • We represent businesses and individuals both prior to prosecution, in an effort to prevent the bringing of criminal charges, & after indictment at trial & on appeal.
  • Our established experience qualifies us to afford legal assistance to our clients in all kinds of cases & procedures, of whatever nature, from police investigation, to Public
  • Prosecution and before the criminal courts itself.

We fully & fairly represent the client to make sure that we help protect our client’s rights accused of crimes throughout the entire justice process & until the case is closed & ended.

Arbitration & Alternate Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is a simple legal procedure used worldwide to reach an amicable resolution of disputes outside the courts. We manage arbitration procedures and proceedings within and outside the UAE. Our law firm is recognised and esteemed for our litigation team, which is composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals who meet the unique needs of each arbitration proceeding. Our team of proficient lawyers are well capable of dealing with arbitration cases of different natures and complexities.

We offer an extensive range of services, including:

  • Legal consultancy and assistance pertaining to interpretation, execution, application of contracts, and conflict of laws.
  • Assistance to our clients in compliance with requirements to facilitate a resolution of issues with the exception of conventional litigation and through the following means: negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Expert advice to clients regarding legal procedures for amicable settlement and disputes according to their specific needs
  • Strategic development of theories; drafting of appropriate pleadings, complaints, and requests for arbitration; preparation of defences and argumentation; and enforcement of awards
  • Registration of claims with the Dubai Courts or the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)
  • Representation of clients and assumption of role as counsellor in arbitration proceedings

Our firm manages a number of cases in the Dubai International Arbitration Centre and in the Federal and Local Courts dealing with civil, property, and commercial disputes.

Maritime & Shipping Claims

Al Dhaheri International has proven experience that caters all kinds of maritime disputes arising out of breach of contractual obligations. As Court Advocates & Legal Consultants, our lawyers in Dubai handle complex transportation disputes involving trade & shipping & we have vast knowledge & understanding of all the aspects of trade, shipping & maritime laws.
Our services:

  • Dealing with all aspects of multiple voyage charter parties, bills of lading, contracts of affreightment, forward freight agreements, shipping & shipbuilders risk insurances and claims
  • Charter Party Disputes
  • Cargo Claims
  • Bills for Lading & other documentary claims & disputes
  • Collisions, Salvage
  • Sales of Goods and Letter of Credit Disputes
  • Brokerage Claims

Property Disputes

Real Estate Lawyer Dubai

We take pride in waving the banner of being a recognized law firm in the UAE that excels in handling real estate disputes, with a high and remarkable success rate. Our team takes a practical and proactive approach in dealing with real estate cases.

One key milestone the firm has achieved is to be the pioneer in filing the first property case in Dubai Courts, wherein we had obtained favorable judgment.

You can rest assured that you will be assisted by a highly capable real estate lawyer. Dubai is a thriving city that offers countless real estate properties on the market. Consequently, there are a lot of buyers and sellers, and disagreements and issues are practically inevitable.

In cases like this, we can help you settle property disputes that may arise during your transactions. However, if you partner with us before entering any agreement, we can help you avoid real estate property disputes of any nature early on by providing valuable preemptive legal advice.

We offer the following legal services:

  • Providing legal opinion, advice and general consultation about all facets of transactions pertaining to real estate.
  • Conducting a careful scrutiny of the real estate contract to advise clients that before deciding to institute a lawsuit, all the legal and contractual obligations provided in the Sale Purchase Agreement/ Contracts of Sale are being fulfilled & satisfied.
  • Legal assistance to the real estate investors who suffered losses or damages as a result of breach of contracts by erring & defaulting developers.
  • Legal services on property dispute resolution & represent clients before court litigation, local arbitration & international arbitration through our Associates.
  • Criminal cases arising from property & other real estate related disputes.
  • Assisting clients in reviewing domestic & commercial leases and other types of property transactions.
  • Legislative & regulatory issues pertaining to real estate property.
  • Joint ventures, land acquisition & development.

Banking Laws & Financial Disputes

We have the needed competence & knowledge of the local market, the understanding of corporate finance that makes us fully equipped to handle disputes & cases pertaining to it. As one of the established law firms in the UAE, we have developed considerable expertise in handling cases and advising on all areas of finance law.

Our services include the following:

  • Asset Securitization.
  • Project Finance.
  • Incorporation & Licensing of Financial Institution.

divorce lawyer

Finding Trustworthy Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

  • In an ideal world, marriage should last for a life time. In reality, however, this is not always the case and divorce is a very real option. A marriage can break down due to various reasons, such as marital infidelity, job loss, financial problems, and religious and cultural differences, among others.
  • When a couple decides they can no longer work on their marriage and divorce seems to be the only option, reputable divorce lawyers in Dubai can guide them on the next step to take. Some divorce proceedings are easy and expedient, while others tend to be messy and aggravating for the people involved. Whatever the situation is, couples can surely get through this challenging phase easier with professional and legal help from our experienced divorce lawyers.

The Kind of Divorce Lawyers Dubai Couples Need

  • Our divorce lawyers lawyers in Al Dhaheri Law Firm are knowledgeable and well-versed in the Sharia Law, which governs Islamic marriages, as well as in the divorce laws and proceedings of other countries for couples, particularly Non-Muslims and expatriates, who wish to apply the laws of their own country.
  • The divorce lawyers at our firm are legal experts couples can rely on to direct and support them throughout the entire process, including registering the divorce in the Moral and Family Guidance Section of the court and going through the conciliatory procedure, a phase wherein couples are given adequate time to give their marriage another try prior to finalizing their decision for a divorce.
  • Our team of divorce lawyers always strive to represent our clients with their best interests in mind, whether it concerns child support, custody, alimony, and division of assets, among other aspects. Our objective is to obtain fair and satisfactory ruling for our clients and to make it as easy and amenable as possible, especially if there are children involved.
  •  As proof of this commitment, and since we understand that it can be a trying period for most people, our divorce lawyers provide initial consultation and detailed and accurate legal opinion at no cost to our clients.
  • To know the best possible options you have, or the next course of action to take, simply get in touch with us. We will get you in touch with one of our divorce lawyers for a consultation.

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