Mr. Jassem Musabeh

Lawyer / Legal Consultant UAE National

Mr. Musabeh’s main expertise includes Civil, Commercial Litigation, Criminal, Labour, Commercial, Personal Status cases, Real Estate Litigation and Arbitration. He is authorized to appear in both the Federal and Local Courts in the UAE and he is fluent in both English and Arabic. Regarded as one of the most respected Abu Dhabi and Dubai lawyers in the team, he has obtained vast knowledge and experience in Banking, Human Resources Development and Real Estate cases. He was the Senior Officer in Strategy Department of the International Excellence in Dubai Courts and has received several appreciations and awards as one of the best employees of Dubai Courts.

In May 2013, he joined Al Dhaheri International’s team of Dubai lawyers, primarily functioning as an Advocate and Legal Consultant.

Mr. Musabeh graduated from Ajman University-UAE and obtained a degree in Law with License to practice in 2011.

Mr. Mohamed Albaz

Legal Consultant Egyptian National

Mr. Albaz has been actively practicing as a Legal Advisor/Lawyer for more than 16 years, four of which are in the UAE. His main areas of practices include Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Labour Cases, Preparing and Reviewing Contracts as well as providing consultation services.

He joined our team of lawyers in Dubai in August 2013 as a consultant in matters of the law and has provided professional services to clients in Abu Dhabi as well.

Mr. Albaz has graduated with Bachelor’s degree of Law from Zagazig University, Egypt -1996.

Mrs. Anne Acorda

Legal Consultant Philippine National

Mrs. Acorda’s main areas of practice include Reviewing Contracts, Employment Laws, Labour Relations, Property Disputes, Banking Laws, Maritimes Law, Commercial and Civil Cases and Arbitration.

Prior to becoming a lawyer in Dubai, she worked in an international commercial bank and thereafter in various Law firms in the Philippines. She also worked in the Bureau of Treasury of the Philippines, which honed her experiences in the field of Law.

She joined Al Dhaheri International Team in May 2009 as a consultant on law matters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE.

Mrs. Acorda obtained her Bachelor of Laws from Far Eastern University, Philippines in 1997.

Mr. Ahmed Farouk

Legal Consultant Egyptian National

Mr. Farouk main areas of specializations include Criminal, Civil, Commercial Disputes, Construction Claims, Property Cases and Labour Cases.

He joined the team of Dubai lawyers at Al Dhaheri International in May 2012 as a consultant. Prior to becoming a lawyer in Dubai, he worked as a Legal Researcher in Egypt from 2007-2011 and worked as Asst. Legal Consultant in the UAE since 2011.

Mr. Farouk graduated with Bachelor’s Degree of Law from Zagazig University in 2005 and carries a Master’s Degree in International Law-Civilian Protection in 2007.

Mr. Raed El Sonbaty

Legal Consultant Egyptian National

Mr. El Sonbatyhas over 8 years of experience in the law practice, specifically the areas of Civil, Commercial, Labour, Criminal, and Real Estate. As a lawyer has also accumulated considerable experience in Drafting Contracts and Personal Status cases. He is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association.

He joined the firm as a Consultant in March 2014 and has delivered top-notch services to various clients across UAE.

Mr. Elsonbaty has graduated from the Faculty of Sharia’a and Law of Al-Azhar University in Cairo-Egypt in 2006.

Mr. Faisal Khan

Legal Consultant Indian National

Mr. Khan’smain areas of specialization include Corporate and Commercial cases relating to Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution such as Arbitration, Drafting Agreements and Contracts, Legal Writing, Legal Opinion & Advice, Criminal matters, Real Estate matters and Legal Research.

One of the distinguished Indian lawyers in Dubai, he is a member of the Post Graduate Law Society (UK) and the Legal Services Authority of India, which is a body of Indian lawyers sanctioned by the government of India to provide free legal services to the general public. He is also among the elite group of Indian lawyers composing the Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh (India). He joined the firm in May 2014 as a professional consultant in legal matters. His addition to the firm has diversified the expertise of the team to include an in-depth understanding of Indian culture and perspectives.

Mr. Khan graduated in 2011 with Bachelor’s degree in Law from Osmania University and in 2013 he obtained a Master degree in Law from the University of Manchester.

Mr. Mohamed El Maayergi

Legal Consultant Egyptian National

Mr. El Maayergi has over 7 years of experience in the legal profession, and his areas of expertise include Dispute Resolution, Criminal, Civil, Corporate & Commercial Law, Legal Consultation & Negotiation.

He joined our team of Dubai and Abu Dhabi lawyers in June 2014 as a professional consultant in matters of the law. He is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association.

Mr. El Maayergi graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Law from Zagazig University-Egypt in 2007 and earned a Master’s of Law from the same university in 2009.

Mr. Bahaa El Sharkawy

Legal Consultant Egyptian National

Mr. El Sharkawy’s main areas of practices include Execution cases, Civil, Family, Commercial & Labour Law.

He joined our team of elite Dubai lawyers in July 2013 as a consultant on matters of the law. Before becoming a lawyer in Dubai, he worked in the courts of Cairo from January 2006 until January 2012. He also attained certificates in various fields of Law as well as International Arbitration.

Mr. El Sharkawy obtained his Bachelor’s degree of Law from University of Tanta, Egypt in 2005 and is now providing expert advice to clients across the UAE.

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