Mr. Ali Rashid Al Dhaheri

Founder / Partner UAE National


The retired Major General of the Abu Dhabi Police Force who has been trained and qualified as an Advocate with the Dubai Police College in 1994 and registered with the Ministry of Justice since 1997, he is an enrolled Advocate since 1985,  Mr. Al Dhaheri is also a member of the American Bar Association-United States of America.

Professional Experience

Mr. Al Dhaheri has over 14 years of experience as a practicing Lawyer in the UAE courts specializing in Commercial, Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Legal Cases.

Mr. Mohsen Mustafa El Morsi

Managing Founder / Partner Egyptian National


Mr. El Morsi Graduated from Al Mansora University-Egypt in 1977. He is a member of the American Bar Association-USA, Emirates Human Rights Association-UAE & the Egyptians Lawyers Association-Egypt.


Mr. El Morsi has over 37 years of professional experience of which 26 of them is in the United Arab Emirates and specializes in Commercial, Civil, Criminal, Arbitration, Legal Consultations & Business Management, Property, Banking, Construction and Maritime Laws, Military Disputes.

He represented contractors and agents with Military Contractual Disputes in and around the region, Property Disputes on the behalf of the Developers & on the behalf of the Buyers/Investors as well as Construction Disputes having represented Owners/Employers & Contractors/Sub-Contractors.

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